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Artists (1)
Autoharp (12)
Banjo (112)
Bass (124)
Bouzouki (8)
Bowed Strings (576)
Charango (3)
Cittern (27)
Dulcimer (97)
Education (1)
Guitar (2111)
Harp (238)
Kantele (5)
Koto (12)
Lutherie (37)
Lyre (6)
Makers (55)
Mandolin (97)
Manufacturers (30)
Organizations (0)
Oud (35)
Sitar (9)
Ukulele (75)
Veena (8)


Cümbü Means Fun

A history of a Turkish folk instrument, now more popular in America and Europe. It combined features of the oud and the banjo; unusually, it has interchangeable necks.

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Includes large collection of articles about maintenance, repair, instrument making, and accessories for stringed instruments.

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Indian Stringed Instruments

Pictures and descriptions of the stringed instruments of India.

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John Thompson on the Guqin Silk String Zither

Introduction to this Chinese instrument, with pictures, song lyrics and information on its place in Chinese culture.

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Susso, Seikou

Gambian kora player, now based in Leeds, UK; includes his profile, performances, educational activities, and background on the griot traditions of West Africa.

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Traditional Chinese String Instruments

Profile of Chinese traditional string instruments, including plucked strings, bowed strings, and hammered strings.

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