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A Taxonomy of Musical Genres

Two French experts re-define genres to improve musical databases for electronic distribution, paper submitted to a conference in Paris in 2000.

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All Music Guide

Portal built around articles by music journalists describing music genres, with links and reviews.

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Audiogalaxy: Glossary of Musical Styles

Hundreds of sub-genres defined in non-technical language mentioning sample artists. Organized under headings such as pop, hip-hop, jazz, blues, classical, Latin, modern rock, rock, and heavy metal.

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DataDragon: Music Genre Sampler

Children's site with simple definitions of a few genres including rock, Celtic, and classical with artist and site links.

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Ectophiles Guide by Genre

Self-described "Guide to Good Music" from a group founded in 1991 to support the music of singer Happy Rhodes. Links to artists, almost entirely female vocalists, sorted by genre such as pop, blues, experimental, performance art, beautiful and fierce, and traditional.

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Indiana University School of Music: Genres

Categorized links organized by researchers at the William and Gayle Cook Music Library. Categories include 20th-Century music, ancient music, band music, tango, flamenco, ragtime, and choral music.

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Music Classification by Genre: System Performance

Research project completed in 2003 by Mitali Banerjee at Rice University used automatic process to determine musical genre of audio samples.

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Music Web Hunter: Styles & Genres

Ken Davies has grouped resources in five categories: classical, folk/ethnic/world, jazz, musicals/operas/theater, and pop/rock/country.

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Wikipedia: Musical Genre

Brief explanation of the way styles can be defined by region, chronology, technical requirements, marketing trends, or the ideas of critics. Extensively linked to sub-genres and examples of significant artists.

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