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LinkMachine - Complete Reciprocal Link Exchange Software

Reciprocal link exchange management software that makes it easy to find and contact quality link partners, generate custom link pages that match your site, and keep track of reciprocal links. LinkMachine automatically updates your link pages the instant they're changed - no uploading required. Link exchanges increase a site's targeted traffic, search engine ranking, and sales.

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SkyFex Remote Assistant Free

7 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

SkyFex Remote Assistant is a free service that allows seeing what is happening on the remote computer desktop in real time. This is a secure service, does not require additional software installation and configuration and works transparently through proxy/firewall and NAT networks. SkyFex is Windows based and requires Internet Explorer to run it.

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5 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Increase sales, provide customer service and enhance your customer loyalty. Now more than ever, customers want to feel like they can trust your website. Adding a live help option to your site provides the one on one interaction that the internet is missing. AliveChat allows you to track and connect with any visitor to your site! Use AliveChat to answer simple questions or to proactively promote your products or services. There is no software to install!

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